Welcome to the terrainbento documentation!

terrainbento is a python package for multi-model analysis in Earth surface dynamics. It was built on top of the Landlab Toolkit.

You can find all the source code, request additional features, or report a bug in the GitHub repository.

The goal of terrainbento is to make it easier to create alternative Earth surface dynamics models. The package has six main parts that support this goal. First, a model base class called ErosionModel contains the functionality required across models (e.g. reading in input files, writing output). Two specialized base classes also exist for models that use stochastic hydrology (StochasticErosionModel) or multiple lithology layers (TwoLithologyErosionModel) .

Second, a set of Boundary Condition Handlers provide tools to set and modify boundary conditions during a model run.

Third, a set of Precipitators permits alternative approaches to specifying spatially and temporally variable precipitation.

Fourth, a set of Runoff Generators allows for alternative approaches for converting rainfall into runoff.

Fifth, we provide an initial set of landscape evolution models derived from the base class. These models increase in complexity from a base model to models with one, two, or three differences from the base mode.

Finally, a ModelTemplate provides an skeleton of a model made with the main base class that can be used to create your own terrainbento model.

A number of Jupyter Notebook Tutorials have been developed to highlight how to use terrainbento. They can be found in the terrainbento tutorials repository.


Model Template